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You Won’t Believe These Side Hustles For Lawyers


In many cases, attorneys make pretty solid salaries. However, the cost of pursuing your education may be hanging over your head, particularly if you had to take out student loans. As a result, many lawyers are interested in opportunities that can boost their income. In many cases, side hustles are the perfect choice. If you’re curious about side hustles for lawyers, here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle – also referred to as a side gig – is a work opportunity that occurs outside of your primary job. It can include any activities that generate supplemental income, regardless of whether they connect to your current profession.

However, many people choose to find side work relating to their field of expertise for several reasons. First, it allows them to benefit from the value of their current knowledge, which could lead to higher returns. Second, some side hustles can help with the development of skills that can benefit a person’s main career, allowing them to secure future raises or advance with greater ease.

Side Hustles for Lawyers

As mentioned above, a side hustle doesn’t have to connect to your primary job. However, as an attorney, tapping into that knowledge is beneficial, giving you access to highly lucrative side gigs that aren’t available to those outside of the field.

With that in mind, here is a look at some side hustles for lawyers that make use of your legal knowledge and related skills.

LSAT or Bar Exam Test Prep

One simple option that could work well for attorneys in any specialty is charging for LSAT or Bar Exam test prep. With this, you would support students who are about to take these critical tests. Along with familiarizing them with the exam format, you can go over common questions they may encounter. Conducting mock exams is also an option, allowing you to put students through a similar scenario to the actual test and provide feedback.

Freelance Legal Writing

Your knowledge of the legal system could make you an asset to a variety of websites and publications, creating opportunities for you to work as a freelance legal writer. You could share information on relevant topics, answer questions posed by readers, or simply discuss your expertise in a way that aligns with the audience.

Teach Continuing Education Courses

Attorneys typically have to take continuing education courses to maintain their licenses. As a result, teaching an applicable continuing education course could become an excellent side hustle. Just make sure your coursework meets any relevant requirements, and examine the rules in your state in advance regarding course length, hours reporting, and more.

Small Business Legal Consulting

If your legal expertise focuses on the world of business in any way, offering your services as a small business legal consultant could be a solid side hustle. You can essentially provide insights about the potential legalities impacting proposed changes or guidance on how to potentially approach an existing problem.

Legal Podcasting or Blogging

In a similar vein to the option above, a legal podcast allows you to discuss topics in a way that’s accessible to your listening audience. You can focus on your current niche as an attorney, talk about current events with legal aspects, or answer common questions about hiring or working with a lawyer.

If you feel you’re a stronger writer than you are a speaker, you could opt for a legal blog instead. You’d essentially create your own website where you can offer information and guidance in a particular area, giving you a platform for affiliate marketing, selling eBooks, and more.

Adjunct Professor

Another educational option is to become an adjunct professor at a local college, university, or law school. In many cases, adjunct professors teach just three courses per term. Plus, you may have the option of teaching courses in the evening, on weekends, or online, which could give you some flexibility.

eBook Writer

If you want to provide more in-depth information on a topic that aligns with your specialty, writing and selling eBooks could be a solid side hustle. You can offer more details than you typically could in a blog post or podcast. Plus, once the eBook is available to buyers, it essentially serves as a form of passive income. Just make sure to update the details if relevant laws change, keeping the information current.

Law Student Tutor

If you live near a law school, launching a tutoring side hustle could be an excellent option. You could work with students – either individually or in groups – that are taking courses related to your specialty. This can include helping them understand the subject in greater detail, preparing for exams, and reviewing assignments before submission to provide feedback, depending on your preferences.

YouTube Content Creator

Another way to share your expertise on select subjects or discuss the legal aspects of current events is to create videos for YouTube. With this option, you can capture several potential income streams, including sponsorships and ad revenue. While those kinds of income streams can take time to develop, it does create opportunities for ongoing passive income. Once the content is up, very little maintenance is necessary, allowing you to continue generating earnings from your entire catalog.

Sell Legal Form or Clause Templates

Depending on your niche, creating legal form and clause templates and offering them for sale could be a solid side hustle. You could offer fully editable documents, fill-in-the-blank options, or anything in between through your own website or a suitable marketplace.

Conference Speaker

Professional conferences typically hire speakers to present information and cover topics that are relevant to their industries. If you’re a strong public speaker and cover an intriguing legal niche, you could leverage that into speaking gigs, giving you a solid side hustle that could also let you travel and network.

Are you aware of any other side hustles for lawyers that people may want to explore? Have you tried some of the side hustles for lawyers above and want to tell others about your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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