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What Is the Average Rent in San Francisco, CA?

As of November 2022, the average apartment rent in San Francisco, CA is $3,164 for a studio, $2,896 for one bedroom, $4,484 for two bedrooms, and $6,570 for three bedrooms. Apartment rent in San Francisco has decreased by -4.4% in the past year. 

The bay city of San Francisco has something to offer everyone. San Francisco is known for its array of attractions, from the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz to Chinatown and the Painted Ladies. Besides the attractions, the city is a major metropolis with a powerhouse of an economy featuring businesses like Dropbox, Reddit, Yelp, Twitter, and more. Renters can choose from plenty of famous neighborhoods such as Haight-Ashbury, Pacific Heights, and Mission District. Each area has a distinctive personality, giving renters plenty of diverse options for where to live. Along with phenomenal attractions and diverse communities, you’ll find excellent mass transit options in this walkable city, but many residents prefer cycling as their mode of transportation. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 280 sq. ft. $3,164 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 704 sq. ft. $2,896 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 1,336 sq. ft. $4,484 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,515 sq. ft. $6,570 /mo. 

The Haight 

Commonly known as Haight-Ashbury, the Haight is the birthplace of hippie counterculture in the 1960s. Over the years, the Haight has undergone several changes, but it has maintained its independent spirit with various restaurants, bars, record shops, and coffeehouses. Residents enjoy being within walking distance of some of San Francisco’s iconic green spaces, such as Buena Vista Park, Alamo Square Park, and the large Golden Gate Park. Downtown San Francisco lies just a few blocks east of the Haight, with quick access via the Muni Metro Rail, making the Haight perfect for commuters.

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 337 sq. ft. $1,991 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 411 sq. ft. $2,338 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 605 sq. ft.  $2,863 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,099 sq. ft.  $4,324 /mo. 

Pacific Heights 

Known for its quiet sophistication, Pacific Heights features Victorian architecture, stunning Golden Gate Bridge views, and the San Francisco Bay. You’ll find many apartments in colorful historic buildings and luxurious homes throughout the predominantly residential neighborhood. Residents enjoy Filmore Street for its high-end boutiques and exceptional restaurants, and they head to Alta Plaza Park and Lafayette Park to connect with nature.

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 408 sq. ft. $2,439 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 645 sq. ft.  $3,371 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 948 sq. ft. $4,715 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,382 sq. ft. $6,868 /mo. 

Richmond District 

The Richmond District is wedged between the Presidio to the north and Golden Gate Park to the south. The neighborhood features a gorgeous stretch of beach to Golden Gate Park’s fantastic destinations like the de Young Museum, the San Francisco Botanical Garden, and the Koret Children’s Quarter Playground. With its soaring cliffs and ocean waves, the Richmond District is one of San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods due to having plenty of attractions, ensuring there’s something for everyone to do! 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 416 sq. ft.  $1,486 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 329 sq. ft.  $1,635 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 299 sq. ft.  $2,376 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 757 sq. ft.  $6,113 /mo. 

Nob Hill 

Nob Hill lies in the heart of San Francisco. Nob Hill is just minutes away from Civic Center, North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, and other popular destinations. Residents enjoy Pier 39 in North Beach for its scenic views, sea-lion sightings, dining options, unique shops, and family-friendly entertainment. There are tons of restaurants throughout the neighborhood. Some favorites are Bob’s Donuts and Pastries, House of Prime Rib, and the Nob Hill Café. Renters have a variety of options, from beautiful high-rise apartments to modern condos and cozy townhomes, throughout Nob Hill, providing plenty of options for your next perfect place! 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 319 sq. ft.  $1,926 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 428 sq. ft.  $2,462 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 699 sq. ft.  $3,237 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 935 sq. ft.  $4,726 /mo. 


SoMa, also known as South Market, is a large neighborhood of warehouses, art galleries, loft apartments, swanky hotels, office buildings, diverse restaurants, and nightlife hot spots. No matter who you are, there is something for renters of every age, lifestyle, and taste. Throughout SoMa, you’ll find music lovers partying at festivals, families pushing strollers, and professionals in suits heading to work. The neighborhood has built its reputation on its bustling arts scene and abundance of entertainment venues. If you’re a sports fan, watch the Giants at Oracle Park or the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center. SoMa is also home to many tech companies, including Twitter and Yelp. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 435 sq. ft.  $2,399 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 693 sq. ft.  $3,012 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 925 sq. ft.  $3,852 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,068 sq. ft.  $5,464 /mo. 

South Beach 

Overlooking San Francisco Bay, South Beach is a highly sought-after community with stunning views and a central location. The neighborhood offers several subway stations for a quick and easy commute. South Beach sits two miles from Downtown San Francisco, allowing residents to easily walk, bike, drive or take public transportation to work. Several local restaurants and local retailers reside near 2nd Street and beyond the Financial District. Renters can live in luxury with a plethora of luxury high-rise apartments and condos for rent.   

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 491 sq. ft.  $3,054 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 672 sq. ft.  $3,487 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 973 sq. ft.  $4,344 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,429 sq. ft.  $7,404 /mo. 

The Golden City is a national treasure, but the cost of living can be steep. Make sure you can afford to rent in San Francisco by using our rent affordability calculator.

Apartment rent data is provided by CoStar Group’s November 2022 San Francisco Market Report.

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