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What Is the Average Rent in Los Angeles, CA?

As of November 2022, the average apartment rent in Los Angeles, CA is $1,659 for a studio, $2,327 for one bedroom, $3,773 for two bedrooms, and $5,080 for three bedrooms. Apartment rent in Los Angeles has increased by 32.1% in the past year. 

If you want to be in the heart of all the action, Los Angeles is the perfect place for you! Los Angeles has something to offer everyone. From rugged mountains to sandy shorelines, and from food trucks to five-star restaurants, there are plenty of options. But all these diverse aspects and neighborhoods fit together seamlessly. From Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills to Hollywood and Chinatown, there’s a perfect neighborhood for everyone in Los Angeles. Along with plenty of diversity, there’s plenty to do. You can enjoy a hike at Santa Monica Mountain, Griffin Park, or Topanga State Park. Or enjoy a beach day at Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, or El Matador Beach. No matter what you’re looking for, your options are endless if you choose to rent in Los Angeles, CA.

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 430 sq. ft. $1,659 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 637 sq. ft. $2,327 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 814 sq. ft. $3,773 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,294 sq. ft. $5,080 /mo. 

Downtown Los Angeles 

You’ll discover the heart of the city right in Downtown Los Angeles. The neighborhood is divided into several districts, such as the Fashion District and Jewelry District. Art lovers enjoy the museums in the Arts District, and business-savvy residents enjoy making their mark in the Financial District. If you decide to select a rental in Downtown Los Angeles, you can expect an exciting, vibrant, busy neighborhood with plenty to see and do. Whether it’s going to a museum, a sports game, or going out for the night, no matter who you are, there’s always something to do. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 583 sq. ft. $1,980 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 761 sq. ft. $2,662 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 1,114 sq. ft. $3,569 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,575 sq. ft. $5,915 /mo. 

Silver Lake 

Silver Lake has transformed into one of LA’s trendiest locales. This historic neighborhood was once home to Walt Disney’s first large studio and has made several appearances on film and TV, including A Star is Born and Fear the Walking Dead. Make sure to check out the city’s many iconic painted staircases, like the Piano Mural staircase and the Micheltorena Stairs, which have also made film cameos. Residents enjoy the trendy bars, art galleries, authentic restaurants, industrial-chic coffee shops, and indie music venues. Silver Lake has a variety of rentals for rent, including some affordable hidden gems that are much cheaper compared to other LA cities. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 550 sq. ft. $999 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 800 sq. ft. $2,041 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 900 sq. ft. $1,965 /mo. 


Koreatown is a foodie’s favorite destination for its endless selection of authentic Korean restaurants. Here you’ll find a broad range of cultural influences exemplified in landmarks like contemporary art galleries and the Latin fusion cuisine of Roy Choi’s restaurant. Locals enjoy the many historic buildings, bars, and restaurants that have been preserved or restored. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 449 sq. ft. $1,457 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 608 sq. ft. $1,842 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 839 sq. ft. $2,488 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,021 sq. ft. $2,928 /mo. 

Venice Beach 

Venice Beach sits on the west side of Los Angeles and is known for its coastal views and laid-back energy. Throughout the neighborhood, you’ll find plenty of street performers, bodybuilders, and beachgoers who all congregate at the beach and boardwalk. Throughout the boardwalk, there’s a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops. Renters who choose Venice Beach will find plenty of options from newer, pricier apartments closer to the waterfront to distinctive listings closer to Lincoln Blvd. Residents enjoy how the neighborhood is easily walkable, and with the mild weather and crowded parking, you, too, will be glad to live somewhere that’s pedestrian friendly. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 474 sq. ft. $2,451 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 737 sq. ft. $3,097 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 1,090 sq. ft. $3,953 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 1,525 sq. ft. $5,647 /mo. 

Echo Park 

In recent years, Echo Park has earned the reputation of being one of the hippest Los Angeles neighborhoods. Throughout the neighborhood, you’ll find a variety of trendy bars and nightclubs that live up to the neighborhood’s reputation. This densely populated area also includes several attractions, such as Echo Park Lake, Dodger Stadium, and Angelino Heights. Locals enjoy Echo Park as the epicenter of cool indie music, along with tons of trendy restaurants, cocktail lounges, street murals, and vinyl shops. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 369 sq. ft. $1,756 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 469 sq. ft. $1,752 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 653 sq. ft. $2,219 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 624 sq. ft. $3,015 /mo. 

Highland Park 

Highland Park is known for being a historic neighborhood that has grown into a tight-knit, diverse community with sprawling parks and a premier urban location. Residents love Herman Park, along with supermarkets, restaurants, retailers, and museums spread throughout the neighborhood. Just six miles northeast of Downtown LA, you’ll be able to enjoy proximity to Dodger Stadium, Chinatown, Grand Central Market, and many more attractions. 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
One-Bedroom Apartment 706 sq. ft. $1,452 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 452 sq. ft. $1,412 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 500 sq. ft. $1,526 /mo. 

Bel Air 

Bel Air is in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Renters have the choice between indulgent single-family homes, lavish condos, and chic apartments. Bel Air became famous for the 90s hit show, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Today the neighborhood offers stunning architecture and unparalleled privacy. Residents enjoy the Bel-Air Country Club or hiking at the Getty View Park, home to the Getty, a famous art museum. By living in Bel Air, you’ll be able to enjoy the best SoCal has to offer! 

Beds Average Square Feet Average Rent
Studio 289 sq. ft. $1,567 /mo. 
One-Bedroom Apartment 585 sq. ft. $2,312 /mo. 
Two-Bedroom Apartment 880 sq. ft. $3,257 /mo. 
Three-Bedroom Apartment 820 sq. ft. $4,869 /mo. 

Are you starstruck by the bright lights of LA? Your Los Angeles apartment is out there! If you are still wondering if you can afford to live in Tinseltown, our rent affordability calculator will show you how much money you’ll need to live among the stars.

Apartment rent data is provided by CoStar Group’s November 2022 Los Angeles Market Report. 

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