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What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing? And How It Works

The world of affiliate marketing has grown so much that it now impacts many industries surrounding it. Advertising, media, SEO, and other niches have been effected so much that they are now subniches of affiliate marketing itself. So, what is SEO affiliate marketing? And how can you use affiliate marketing with SEO to make your affiliate or SEO business more profitable? This article is going to answer that question exactly.

Understand that SEO affiliate marketing has been around for years, but only more recently has grown in popularity. People like Matt Diggity, Kyle Roof, and Neil Patel – have brought a massive amount of attention to how SEO affiliate marketing is changing the affiliate game.

What Is SEO Affiliate Marketing?

SEO Affiliate marketing is the practice of being an affiliate marketer who uses SEO (Search engine optimization) in order to drive organic search traffic to affiliate offers. With SEO you are able to create content that ranks highly in search engines. This content that ranks will attract viewers and traffic to your content, who may see an affiliate ad or affiliate offer on your site they like. Among the audience who have interest in your affiliate offers, some will buy, and generate you affiliate commissions.

SEO affiliate marketing has been around for well over a decade now, however the interest in it has only recently grown. Now, many affiliate marketers are making SEO affiliate marketing their entire business model.

Why is this? If done right, you can create permanent free streams of traffic and customers with SEO for your affiliate business. As well, with SEO you can niche down or up depending on the site of your affiliate offers audience.

How Does SEO Work With Affiliate Marketing?

The SEO business model allows you to generate massive amounts of ongoing consistent traffic, leads, and customers – for any affiliate marketing offer you have. This highly encourages affiliate marketers to at least try SEO for their business.

SEO can work very well for growing any business. However, you should know that SEO can be difficult and time consuming to have it start producing any meaningful growth for a business. Our personal view is that doing SEO has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever done in our businesses before. This being said however, comes from us being in the most difficult SEO niche to be in. It is a hard yet rewarding journey to follow.

Should You Do Affiliate Marketing With SEO?

Yes, SEO is a great long term method for generating quality leads and customers. It can take quite a bit of resources to do properly, however it is great for a long term lead generation strategy to be put in place. We have recently implemented SEO into our affiliate marketing business and have found it to be great for driving free leads.

In our extra time we have during the day we write articles, edit content, build back links, and so on.

What’s The Best SEO Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

The best SEO affiliate marketing strategy is one that includes all of the essential elements of both, SEO and affiliate marketing. Here’s an overall strategy to consider when it comes to doing affiliate marketing and SEO alike.

For SEO you’ll want to do this…

  1. Publish 1 article or post a week
  2. Focus on creating topical authority
  3. Support your topical authority with backlinks
  4. Have some kind of backlink strategy in place
  5. Monetize your blog and articles
  6. Research keywords and niches heavily

For affiliate marketing you’ll want too…

  1. Promote multiple different affiliate offers
  2. Upsell, down sell, and resell frequently
  3. Going cheap means going broke
  4. Quality products and services to promote are better then quantity
  5. Customer retention is everything

How Long Does It Take To Get Affiliate Sales With SEO?

Getting sales for an affiliate product or affiliate service with SEO will take a few months or so for most beginner SEO affiliate marketers. However, this isn’t always the case. And in most circumstances you’ll at least be generating some number of leads as well.

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