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Singapore Savings Bond 2.44x oversubscribed.

At the beginning of this month, I blogged about my intention to divert money earmarked for my CPF account in 2023 into Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB.) 

I would keep doing this as long as the average 10 year return of SSBs is higher than 3% per year.

For the full explanation on this, if you don’t remember or if you want a refresher, here is the blog:

CPF or Singapore Savings Bond? It is a no brainer.

So, as I earmarked $38,000 for voluntary contribution to my CPF account in 2023, that was how much I used in the SSB application this month.

So, what is the result?

As expected, the Singapore Savings Bond was pretty much oversubscribed as the average 10 year return was a relatively attractive 3.21%.

2.44x oversubscribed in fact.

How much of my application was filled?

I am going to assume that I got $10,000 since there is less than 1 in 3 chances of getting $10,500.

What now?

I will have to see what the Singapore Savings Bond next month in November offers.

It is likely that the average 10 year return is going to be higher than 3% per year too or at least I hope so.

In such an instance, I would apply with $28,000 which should be refunded to my savings account soon.

What if the average 10 year return offered by the SSB next month is lower than 3%?

Then, I will wait to see what December brings.

There is always the option of putting the money in my CPF account in the new year.

Nothing to worry about here.

Good luck to us all. 


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