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SEON token is in the spotlight. What about HLTHY?

SeedOn’s native token is still trending. The company launched its ICO sale on December 1, 2021. The price of 1 SEON is 0.005 USD. The total supply of SEON is 350,000,000, but only some percentage is available for the Initial Coin Offering sale.

This platform offers customers to grow their investments one seed at a time. It boasts various great features, including its own wallet, as well as staking and vesting schedules. In addition, the company provides future exchange possibilities to enable users to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat money.

SeedOn Finance stands out among other similar solutions with its enhanced security protocols. The company focuses on establishing trust among its customers. Besides, the team plans to add news and events data to its platform. Thus, SeedOn Finance will become a fully functional launchpad instead of just a wallet. It will give users access to extensive information from the best news sources in the cryptocurrency industry.

Moreover, the team works to create an innovative ecosystem using a new approach. Its platform promotes three main values: trust, cyber-security, and transparency. The company aims to minimize investment risks, along with promoting transaction transparency.

SeedOn Finance also wants to solve the current Defi challenges. It will enable investors to avoid fraud when it comes to backing a project or idea. The team strives to remove uncertainty while simultaneously increasing awareness of how to raise capital and send it to entrepreneurs. Overall, this company has many advantages, including an experienced team, a great roadmap, a modern platform with advanced features, and the desire to do the best for its clients.


Health Hero’s token HLTHY maintains its high rank. Why’s that? 

Health Hero is the visionary NFT platform that uses the Play-to-Earn model. It will actively pay users to live a healthy lifestyle. People just need to sign up on its app and sync their daily steps. They will also be able to compete in daily challenges and even embark on expansive missions through the galactic metaverse. Those missions are based on various interesting stories and will provide immersive and exciting adventures. Decentralized blockchain Play-to-Earn tokenomics support the platform’s ecosystem.

The team plans to launch the ICO sale in November 2022. $HLTHY is an ERC-20 Polygon-based utility coin. Its holders will get access to free healthcare in the United States, as well as healthy food worldwide, via cash-back rewards. 1 HLTHY will trade for 0.08 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 888,888,888, but only 10% will be available for purchase at this stage.  

The platform’s main mission is to ensure people’s lifestyles can finance their core needs. Getting more physically active and healthy in the process is an additional bonus. Thanks to Health Hero, customers will be able to earn no-cost health plans and free food. They will earn tokens in accordance with their steps and, with more movement, receive more rewards. In Health Hero City, players will be able to collect the HLTHY tokens and move to higher levels. The platform offers bots for player-vs-player competitions, along with a chance to craft and sell in-game items. In addition, users will have an opportunity to settle and cultivate their own virtual Plot of Land.




What other benefits does this platform offer? 

The Health Hero aims to inspire well-being-driven people. It will reward the healthy habits of the individual, as well as share those habits with other people. The company will offer various incentives to motivate the Health Hero City community. Gamers who hit daily milestones and share their achievements with their social network will get extra rewards.

Furthermore, the company will enable customers to start collecting the HLTHY tokens and participating in the in-game economics. A user can pay for the base necessities, such as free food and healthcare, with the HLTHY tokens. The platform allows them to earn enough HLTHYs to ensure their survival at least. Besides, they can increase their income by participating in staking.

Players can purchase, earn, and craft in-game items also called Loot in the game. They can later use these items during the gameplay, as well as sell or rent them on the Health Hero Marketplace.

NFT smart contracts offer so many benefits! And renting non-fungible tokens is one of them. Using pre-set smart contracts, users will be able to transfer ownership of high-value LOOT and Go!Bots for a specific period of time at a rate to which both gamers agree.

In addition, the company will enable customers to create and exchange their own personalized digital trading cards. The team calls the latter Wellness NFTs or W-NFTs. Besides, players will earn digital collectible art and virtual land by remaining active and collecting tokens as they play.


What is the Go!Bots? 

Health Hero City is a great metaverse that focuses on creating passive income. It also aims to enable users to get food for free. Health Hero City is a virtual place, and it’s divided into parcels of land called Go!Bots. Users can buy these parcels and earn tokens with upgrades.

​The company chose Polygon as the base of its platform as it allows gas-free transactions. Players acquiring Go!Bots will be able to mint tokens for free and buy NFTs on OpenSea. Moreover, users can upload grocery receipts on the platform. Its bot reads and recognizes healthy fruit and veggie purchases. Users will get $HLTHY tokens as a reward. They will also be able to engage with a virtual primary care plan. The latter covers a specific amount of telehealth sessions per month. But it’s only available for American customers.

The Health Hero team pointed out that the current healthcare system faces many problems. Capturing health and medical activity still remains challenging​ as hospitals use archaic technology in most cases. And they offer no rewards to people for contributing. The lack of incentives decreases the community’s desire to choose a healthier lifestyle. However, Health Hero aims to offer solutions to these and other similar problems. It will use peer-to-peer technologies like blockchain to share the data. That will help eliminate back-office and audit costs. In addition, the platform will offer a mobile-based game to increase users’ engagement.  

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