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NFT Winter Is Coming! Warner Bros. To Launch Game Of Thrones NFT Collectibles

The NFT space has been, and continues to be, the recipient of tremendous popularity boost from celebrities, world-class athletes, and business organizations that pick non-fungible tokens as entry point to the ever-growing world of digital assets.

This time, Warner Brothers joins the bandwagon as it partners with Nifty’s in order to produce NFT collections based on one of the most popular TV series of all time – Game of Thrones.

Details of this newly forged partnership revealed Daz 3D, an artist who has wide experience and a lot of projects under his belt, will be in charge of the collaboration’s design, development and production.

Among Daz 3D’s notable creations are CloneX of Haruki Murakami, the Bat Cowl project of DC, and the famous Coca Cola NFT series that comes with Friendship Box and RTFKT.

Nifty CEO Excited With GOT-inspired NFT Collection

Jeff Marsilio, chief executive officer of Nifty’s platform, expressed his excitement over this collaboration with Warner Brothers that will bring Game of Thrones into the NFT space.

“Every once in a while, a movie or TV series comes along that pushes the boundaries of its genre so much that it forever changes the creative landscape. Game of Thrones is that series for this generation,” said Marsilio when asked about this thoughts about the project.

Image: Coincu News

The NFT collection, dubbed as “Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm,” will be released this winter.

Owners of the collectibles will be able to create their own avatars based on the characters and series’ universe. Items, such as virtual weapons will be airdropped to holders who can also gather and select their teammates to establish their own kingdoms.

Genuine Interest – Or A Way Out Of Debt?

Although fans are appreciative of the decision of Warner Brothers to bring its highly acclaimed TV series that premiered in 2011 into the NFT space, some can’t help but speculate as to the real reason behind the company’s move.

Others are saying that this might be a cover-up to deviate the public’s attention from the fact that Warner Brothers suffered $3.4 billion in losses during the third quarter of this year. The company is also facing financial challenges as it is in debt of up to $53 billion.

Should that be the case, the company is off to a good start as projections indicate the global market cap of the NFT space, which currently stands at around $3 billion, is expected to swell up to $13 billion over the next five years.

This indicates the industry has the potential to be a viable source of profit which might help Warner Brothers find a way out of its financial woes.

Crypto total market cap at $958 billion on the daily chart | Featured image from Global Times, Chart: TradingView.com

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