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NFT Artist Spotlight November 4, 2022 | NFT CULTURE | Web3 Culture NFTs & Crypto Art

Every week, NFT Culture is going to do something new. Let artists we love pick artists they love and provide them a spotlight.  This week our friend Hannes Hummel an interdisciplinary designer and incredible artist has selected the following artists to be featured.  These artists are masters of their craft each bringing wildly unique backgrounds and diversity to the space, providing the world amazing art.

These artists come from every corner of the world including Dominican Republic, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, and Spain, and while their styles couldnt be more unique, each artist has a distinct and consistent approach to their craft, making their art shine.

See their profiles below and make sure to give them a follow.



Lisa Odette, 3D artist, illustrator and animator currently based in Madrid, Spain. Passionate about colors and composition.

“Creativity is a necessity, it has to be fed every day”

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