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How Publishers Can Harness the Power of the Creator Economy

Going back to the 1980s, the term “publisher” had a completely different meaning. If you were a publisher, you definitely worked at a newspaper or publishing house. There wasn’t a choice of working at home, that’s for sure! Your job would be to prepare the issuing of new books, journals, and music. It sounds like a foreign concept, doesn’t it?

Nowadays, a publisher has a vast meaning. A publisher refers to creating information, music, or software available to the public. Basically, any type of content that you’ve got the right to share. It’s even up to you to decide if you want to sell it or give it away for free. This way, anyone can provide any type of content to a variety of recipients.

In such a wide-spread career path, how can a publisher make a living within their niche? Luckily, the Internet has provided us with a smorgasbord of platforms that form the creator economy. Now it’s time to learn how publishers can harness the power of the creator economy and secure financial stability.

What is the Creator Economy?

Like any economy, the creator economy is the flow of money and “goods” between content creators and their audiences. And by “goods”, we mean the intoxicating content that keeps your viewers flocking back to your channel.

The creator economy relies on hierarchy, the same as with produce. The better quality stock or content is sold at a higher price. The damaged products are sold on sale. Keeping your content as fresh and flavorful as possible ensures strong revenue.

The creator economy’s market can occur through a variety of platforms. The most commonly used are social media networks like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. With TikTok taking the gold medal. Within each of these, there are a multitude of ways to go about sharing your content.

The most common forms of content that you can release include:

  • Blogs in video/written form;
  • Images and visual advertising;
  • Short videos or reels;
  • Podcasts;
  • Information and opinions through articles;
  • Live video-streaming.

A publisher can build up a large following through the creator economy. Yet, this means nothing if there isn’t a financial benefit. Having an online audience doesn’t ensure that you’ll be the breadwinner at home. Creating content can be a full-time job. There are a few steps you can take to secure a steady income stream.
Publishers learn from the creator economy

Harnessing the Power of the Creator Economy

It’s all well and good to speak about how publishers can receive their perfect salary through the creator economy. It’s a completely different thing to try and get this right.

It seems that everyone else knows exactly how to become an influencer. They receive a couple hundred thousand views on their first few tries. They earn more than they need every month. And they put in half the amount of effort that you put into your content. But you just can’t seem to get the same flow as them.
Creator Economy Redefining Advertising
Earning money as a publisher is no walk in the park. Especially if you’ve chosen a specialized niche. There’s nothing wrong with a small niche. Regardless of your niche’s popularity, you’ll need to put in dedicated hours of work to build up enough momentum.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to the creator economy, either. You can use any of the options provided below, but you’ll need to adjust them to your niche and personal goals. Try mixing it up. Be spontaneous. Follow trends. And most importantly, don’t be scared to keep making changes. That’s the only way you’ll keep up with the ever-growing creator economy.

Are More Platforms Better?

When you’ve got a load of content to upload, you start to question if it’s worth it to post everything five times across all your platforms. There can’t be much difference between using one platform or multiple, right? Wrong. Each option has its own benefits and a multitude of ways to go about obtaining them.

Let’s start off with the route of dedicating yourself to a single platform. This is the most common route when it comes to publishing content online. All your content is on one channel for your viewers to easily find. You can respond to everything in the same space.

Each social media network has a unique set of viewers that use it. Limiting yourself to only one platform creates a deeper connection with this limited audience. You’ll come across as trustworthy, but only on that social media channel.

So, what about posting to more channels? The biggest change would be the diversity of your audience. As well as a drop in the level of interaction, since you can’t respond to every network all at the same time. You’ll need to put in double or triple the amount of effort just to post your content on each platform. But your traffic will exponentially grow with every network you post your content to.

The real question when deciding to use a single or many networks boils down to this. Are you looking for a faithful audience, or is a larger traffic flow more important?

Confidently Collaborate

The Internet is a huge market. There’s no point in trying to take on all of it by yourself. This is where collaboration and partnerships come in. The best way to make an impact in the creator economy is by expanding your reach as far as you can. The quickest way to find interested viewers is to connect with a collaborator.

There are a bunch of ways you can collaborate with a partner. From in-depth interviews to a simple mention in an article. The most common ways to collaborate include:

  • Influencer gifting;
  • Roundup reviews / articles;
  • Podcasts;
  • Live-streaming;
  • Giveaways and competitions.

The type of influencer you choose will have a massive effect on your audience. Most importantly, make sure that your influencer’s niche and style match your own. Bringing in a loud, artistic person to a scientific platform will only scare away viewers. Then do some research into your collaborator’s reach and traffic flow. Check if the income you will generate with this added traffic is enough to cover the partnership.

You have to compensate your collaborators in some form or another. If you can’t provide a financial benefit, you can form a partnership through free giveaways. The collaborator can then advertise the product based on their own experience with it. They also receive a new product (or at least information) to create content with.

The point of collaboration is so that both parties can benefit from the exchange.

Always Take the Road Less Travelled

A few decades ago, when the Internet was new, anything you uploaded was good content. Jump to 2022, and online viewers have seen it all. We’ve categorized the Internet into boxes and themes. We’ve secluded audiences on their respective social media networks. We’ve exploited so many types of content until there’s nothing left for other publishers to use.

That’s why it’s your job to find the most unique way to present your content. Even finding a specialized niche could save you in the long run. Beginner publishers often go with content they know that their viewers will like. But when you’re on the side of the viewer, you’ll get bored seeing the same content over and over again. People want to be taken out of their comfort zones on occasion.

This doesn’t mean that every piece of content you release should blow your audience’s minds. Keep your generic content as a safety net that viewers can fall back on when they can’t handle the new content. Your audience must have a sense of security before feeling comfortable with new content.

Once you’ve secured your audience with trustworthy content, it’s time to grab their attention. If you know your viewers, you’ll know how to surprise them without scaring anyone off.

Experiment with new writing styles or video layouts. Incorporate your personal interests and hobbies. Everyone likes to see the human side of others. Be confident in who you are. Use this as an opportunity to make your content YOU-nique.

Affiliate Marketing

Joining the affiliate marketing industry is akin to striking gold in the creator economy. Continuously mining this affiliate gold is hard work, but can yield fortunes.

Affiliate marketing is a specialized partnership between an affiliate company and a publisher. If you work through a partner network, it provides product links for the publisher to endorse. These products have unique referral links for each publisher. The publisher’s job is to ensure that their viewers use these personal links. The publisher is then compensated for every purchase, or click through their blog.

As a publisher, the hardest part about affiliate marketing is finding the right affiliate to advertise with. This can take days of tedious work to weed out scammers. There are a few places you can go to find an affiliate, but the quickest option would be Admitad Partner Network.

Partner Network is a platform that helps connect publishers to advertisers in need. This is a sure-fire way to find an advertiser that complements your niche. Admitad Partner Network ensures cross-compatibility and increases traffic for both parties. Finding the right advertiser is the difference between a 5% increase in traffic and a 50% increase. I’d go for the 50%, wouldn’t you?

Furthermore, Admitad Partner Network offers great opportunities to connect to name-brands, such as:

The affiliate market is massive. The creator economy, even more so. Stop wasting time with advertisers who cost more than they’re worth. Using Admitad Partner Network, you can easily find an advertiser that will push you to achieve your desired income goals.

Become an Influencer

If you’ve ever been on the Internet, you’ve definitely come across an influencer. They’re usually preppy, with a heart-breaking story that compels you to buy their products. You won’t know how it happened, but you’ll have suddenly ordered a year’s worth of clothes and shoes. But hey, the influencer had a discount code that you couldn’t say no to.

This is the power of an influencer. They can take anything and turn it into content that their viewers will love. The ability to persuade someone into buying your products is foundational to succeeding in the creator economy. Regardless of whether you are promoting products for advertisers or marketing your own content.

Although they might seem terrifying at times, everyone in your target audience is human. Many viewers want to see someone they can relate to. Someone who voices their opinion. Someone who can honestly show them why a certain product is worth buying in the first place. Or why this piece of content is better than similar options out there.

Becoming an influencer requires gaining the trust of anyone who comes across your content. If you want returning customers, you need to adjust your content to secure relationships with your audience. Loyal viewers stabilize your income within the chaotic creator economy.

Social skills are a must when it comes to influencing. Becoming an influencer will be more work than it’s worth if you can’t take harsh feedback with a smile. Although human, your audience can still say something that breaks your motivation completely. Ignore the negative Nancys and keep posting your content for the viewers who want to see it.

Monetize Everything

Although it’s an obvious suggestion, you’d be surprised at how many publishers forget to monetize their platforms. Other publishers are oblivious to the extent that you can monetize. Yes, social media networks like Youtube have built-in monetization options. Though you don’t have to limit yourself to these.

ConvertSocial is a platform you can use to expand the income you receive through social media. ConvertSocial monetizes your social media accounts on another level. You also aren’t limited to popular networks like TikTok or Instagram.

ConvertSocial allows you to monetize all your platforms, including:

  • Telegram;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Twitter;
  • Pinterest;
  • Snapchat;
  • Facebook.

While you earn money from your content, you can double your income by advertising through ConvertSocial. It’s pretty similar to affiliate marketing. You’ll connect to your choice of brands (ConvertSocial has connections to many well-known brands). Then ConvertSocial will provide a referral link you can share with your viewers. Every time a person clicks on your link or buys a product, you’ll get paid.

Beyond social media, there are a bunch of other ways to monetize your blog:

  • Display ads;
  • E-commerce stores;
  • Dropshipping;
  • Paid membership access;
  • Paid sections of your website or blog;
  • Selling merchandise.

Whichever form of monetization you choose, make sure your platform can handle the traffic load. If your marketing campaign brings back a 115% increase in traffic, you could overload your servers. You can’t earn revenue if your website isn’t working properly!

Wrapping Up

When standing in front of the intimidating creator economy, it’s easy to give up. Especially when you’ve worked for months but still haven’t made enough progress to survive financially. Your lack of income isn’t due to the creator economy being too harsh. It’s due to your lack of innovation. Or commonplace presentation of content that viewers have seen one too many times.

You know the saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game”? It’s the exact opposite within the creator economy. You only have yourself to blame if you can’t play the game right. It’s time to pull up your socks and advertise yourself properly.

The perfect audience that will love your content is out there. It’s your job to ensure they can find you in the first place. Then you better make sure your content is worth coming back for. You can’t blame the creator economy if viewers soar past your outdated content.

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