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How is Toronto Artist Dyer leveraging NFTs?

In recent weeks, independent Toronto artist Dyer released his Outcast album and sold his music NFTs for millions of dollars. He was so super excited by selling copies. That one copy sold for $1000 or around half an Ethereum, to someone who is purchasing it on the best nft marketplace

It might sound like a little but he would have to get a couple hundred thousand streams to get $1000. Dyer drew a comparison to success in the music world industry. Moreover, Dyer sees a creative future in this transforming digital art industry. 

Many digital artists believe that Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the best path to a suitable career that allows them to impact their consumers in a more creative way. However, nft art finance is a brand new existing cryptocurrency that is becoming popular in the market. The primary focus of nft art finance’s is to develop the nft marketplace website for creators who want to sell and mint NFTs.

Current Landscape 

In current landscapes in terms of 

Artists depend on showcasing their artwork with hopes that consumers will contact them for a one-of-a kind design. Some also work with middlemen that facilitate art purchasing transactions.

Digital artists provide their artwork to consumers and buyers with contracts that set the expectation for no replicas and duplicates to be made. The ability to sell one of a kind digital artwork, or the use of certain logos that are unique to the artist.

Royalties are not guaranteed on digital artwork reselling to another buyer.

Future with NFTs

In this process, consider the below as

NFT marketplace is a quick online method for artists to upload their work, decide if they want to auction it, or provide a set sale price. There are the best nft marketplace who provide chances to monetize their digital artwork. Such as Social NFT, OpenSea etc.

Through cryptography, artists can monetize their digital artwork on the Ethereum blockchain with a unique coded identifier that authenticates their artwork. These codes, however, are known as verifiable IDs.

Top NFT marketplaces like Social NFT, Rarible allow creators to attach royalties to their artwork, which are traceable through verifiable IDs.

Dyer Leveraging into NFTs

NFTs have been circulating widely across social media recently and have been capturing the attention of many artists looking to showcase their work digitally. The NFT is a form of crypto that attaches a group of unique members to artwork sold on the ethereum blockchain. This also certifies that the digital asset is authentic and not interchangeable or duplicable. 

According to Dyer, the best way to think of NFTs is like the ‘ Mona Lisa’. No one has a brush stroke and no one painted it in the same way. Dyer is also explaining that no one went through the same experience necessary to paint the Mona Lisa. Someone can copy the digital art of Mona Lisa, but it’s not signify the original copy of Mona Lisa. It’s not duplicable for something else.

For Dyer, he saw releasing hundreds of exclusive copies of his album as a way to ask people to make an investment. Each of Dyer’s NFTs albums comes with a lifetime supply of exclusive music, concerts and merchandise. He modeled the strategy off late rapper Hussle’s campaign in which he sold 100 mixtapes for $1000 US each.

According to him, he is able to provide value to fans over time by selling NFTs. Normally, he would have to sell them a physical CD or something. If anyone buys this CD, or anyone can get his T-shirt you get these perks. Now, he can do it digitally. 

As the value of Ether rises up, so would the value of Dyer’s music album for anyone who plans to purchase it. As his popularity grows as an artist, anyone with one of his exclusive albums could resell it for a higher price. And because Dyer built a royalty into his NFTs, he will benefit each time it’s resold.

How is Toronto Artist Dyer leveraging NFTs?

Artists Getting Involved

According to Anderson, CEO at Bitbuy, a platform for Canadians to buy and sell their cryptocurrency. This refers to NFTs as digital gold and says it’s a new, interesting type of application. This also cuts out the traditional middlemen like art dealers through technological innovation on the blockchain. He also says that the NFTs landscape is still very niche but absolutely worth it, as he believes, it’s the way of the future. 

Moreover, Dyer agrees and encourages other artists to invest in this form of digital gold. But only if it makes the best suitable option for them and fits into a strategy they’re implementing. 

Is anyone willing to take the time to show your fans how to do this? Dyer says passionately, implementing how much thought artists should give to their NFTs plans.

For digital artist Krista it has proved a rewarding experience. Krista started using an online nft marketplace website known as SuperRare. She already sells 11 original art pieces. It’s represented by Gagosian. It signifies to the prestige of SuperRare validating the top digital artists of the world and noting a waiting list of nine months to get on the platform. She showcases her meditation artwork across the globe and offers observers the opportunity to take the experience with them as NFT art that wasn’t convenient before for consumers and artists.

Emerging Future into NFTs

Nowadays, artists have been dipping their toes into the digital art world, with Kings of Leon recently making headlines for releasing music NFTs. Buying one came with different options like exclusive art, packaging and concert tickets, but those are considering technically add-ons. The most important thing  fans are buying is the token – it’s permanently encrypted on the blockchain, but is not the actual file itself. There are the best nft stocks available for crypto investors to invest in. The most popular ones are Funko, Dolphin Entertainment, Coinbase etc. These NFT stocks are a great long term investment option. 

Meanwhile, the art world is evolving and changing. Yet NFTs and blockchain technology can offer new ways for digital artists to connect with buyers, increase access to and democratization of the art world. It also provides new ways of thinking about exchange of value in the art space. 




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