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How Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez Dive into NFTs?

Recently there has been a hype around the topic of NFTs. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular to purchase online images, GIFs and videos as collectible assets. Several big brands and celebrities have already entered into NFTs including Tory Lanez, Tom Brady etc.

But exactly what are NFT’s? Simply, these are unique digital assets that represent the ownership of a property that exists on a blockchain technology. 

Canadian rapper  and musician Tory Lanez launched  his first ever NFTs collection with Decentar Labs. This is an NFT platform using non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency to create value for the various spaces where blockchain technology needs to reach. His first NFTs collection 3NITY, launched in January. 

Lanez has not only joined a growing list of rappers and celebrities entering into NFTs, but he has taken it a notch higher by Decentar. This is the platform behind the launch of his NFTs. After months of creating unique and original artwork inspired by human nature. The 3NITY collection can be minted in three phases, starting at a few ETH. 

However, NFT art finance is a brand new cryptocurrency that is becoming important only throughout the NFTs market. Investors should keep an eye on also the best NFT stocks such as Funko, Dolphin Entertainment, Coinbase to invest into. 

The 3NITY collection is periodic, burning will make the collection scarce. This raises the overall value of the 3NITY NFTs collection. Moreover, it’s a representation of the triality of self. This also depicts the constant struggle that all humans face between their moral conscience, reality, and aggressive parts of their nature. Moreover, the main primary fundamental objective behind NFT art finance is to create a marketplace for new content creators who want to engage with their customers thereby minting NFTs.

Meanwhile it’s also represented by a three headed collection namely, the human head, angel head and domain head. All these represent the varied form of existence by Decentre Labs. Each head has a varying form of rarity and depicting yet to be announced muses. Over the next few months, the collection will be displayed in film, fashion and 3d art collectibles. Lanez says,

The launching of the NFTs collection is very helpful to me. This is the technology I think will build a relationship  between celebrities and their fans.

Through the NFT technology, the objective is to connect with fans. The major aspect is to have engaged with those who are already launching and selling NFTs.

Not Just Another NFTs

NFTs artists who mint the 3NITY collection will enjoy additional benefits. Holders of the unique NFTs thereby selling on the best nft marketplace can earn a piece of $1 million, depending on the rarity of NFTs. They’ll also earn a royalty based on the value or number of non-fungible tokens they hold.

Crypto enthusiasts can combine rare features from multiple 3NITY to create and more rare NFTs. NFTs platform Decentar is also working on partnering with a mainstream brand to turn its collection into designs on wearable fashion items that would range from clothing to footwear.

Tory Lanez NFTs

Tory Lanez has generated more than $400,000 in initial sales and resales through NFTs. These tokens were collected by more than millions of fans – each of whom purchased artwork paired with one of three tracks. 

Collectors of all the 3 Tory Lanez’s NFTs, Distance, Y.D.L.R gained access to special perks directly from the rapper. These perks include an exclusive virtual meet and greet, and signed merchandise from the artist. 

Only one million albums were available a few months ago. In addition, fans were able to pre order e-NFTs for $1million, which includes seven songs and art pieces. All these streaming exclusively via the E-nft platform and app. However, these are the only few copies released.

How Canadian Rapper Tory Lanez Dive into NFTs?

NFTs Music Craze

It seems to be difficult to get our hands around the industry’s margins but these tokens are slowly integrating into everyday life. Their main potential is to cut out the middlemen is extremely positive for a music industry that is struggling to stay monetized.

Nowadays, technology is changing how users create music and consume music. Moreover, songwriters can record and release albums without ever landing a record deal. These are also the main primary point. Many other artists like Quest and Jay-Z have already seen the perks of digitizing songs right. Moreover, there are the best nft marketplace that connects social influencers and music artists with each other. As well as their communities through the sales of experience and real life meets and greets.

In addition, these best nft marketplace will also offer fans an opportunity for building closer relationships with their favorite artists and influencers. These platforms are designed to make NFTs accessible for creators and communities with limited crypto experience. For sellers, the process is fast and easy and requires users to set up an auction for their service, then set a minimum and buy price. Buyers simply need to make an account on the top nft marketplace and set up payment methods. The most popular ones are Social NFT, OpenSea, Rarible etc.

Moreover, the platform allows for fiat currencies as well as Ether including the WOM token which can be manageable through a MetaMask wallet. 

Emerging Future

Nowadays, NFTs are a unique unit of cryptocurrency that is more popular among many digital artists. It’s a digital certificate for intellectual property existing on a blockchain. Moreover, there are various nft marketplace website for new digital artists who want to sell and mint NFTs. The most popular ones are Social NFT. This the best nft marketplace to go to. This platform also helps artists and creators with its simple process of creating your own NFTs.

This also provides wallets like Metamask, Torus, selling and purchasing ownership rights to digital works using NFTs. This platform also allows you to build an NFT portfolio of collections you like or invest in art you think might have a future. 


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