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Behavioural alpha, Debt funds and Trust

Behavioural Alpha

Someone on Twitter mentioned that index funds create alpha. I don’t know how is that possible but what is certainly possible is that you can create investment alpha with your own behaviour.

It is a known fact that the returns of an investment instruments (say mutual fund) and the actual return of an investor vary significantly.

Why is that?

Find out in this note on behavioural alpha.


Investment Journey of Rs. 10000 with various debt funds

Quora is an interesting place and sometimes the questions asked there are too. I was asked to answer one such about a choice of debt funds. The question was about a choice between a GILT fund and a Dynamic Bond Fund with an investment period of 3 to 5 years.

I liked the question and answered it. Then I thought “why not share with you the findings with you as well, with more examples.”

And so this note happened. It will take you through the journey of investment with various debt funds and also refresh your understanding of this investment.

Read the entire piece now and tell me which journey will you prefer.   


The best way to create a non profit organisation

The new iPhone is here and several people continue to believe that owning an iPhone is what is going to make them truly happy.

I believe giving, not owning, is what makes us truly happy.

It is quite likely that you contribute monetarily to a social cause, a charity and or may be volunteer with one. It gives us a huge sense of fulfilment too.

Now it is quietly likely that you have a cause in mind, a unique initiative, that you want to work for. And you may be considering creating an institution around the same so as to bring together a larger community pushing forward the common mission.

I have one in mind and I want to create an institution too. The first thought that comes to mind is to create a Trust. Well, I recently came to know through my friend, that Trust is the only mechanism. There are other possibilities too.

Heard of a Section 8 Company?


Know here about all the possibilities of creating a non profit organisation that you have in mind.  


As always keep sharing your thoughts and feedback.

Wish you a good weekend.

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