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3.47% 10 year average yield! SSB beats CPF again!

A short blog to say I will be diverting money set aside for voluntary contribution to my CPF account in 2023 to Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) again.

With a 10 year average yield of 3.47%, the latest round of SSB soundly beats the average return of 3% I would get from the CPF for doing voluntary contribution to my OA and SA.

If you are interested in how I arrived at this conclusion, see:

CPF or Singapore Savings Bond?

I expect this round of SSB to be oversubscribed again with its record beating 10 year average yield.

The last round of SSB was 2.44x oversubscribed and even if no new funds joined the fray, this round of SSB would be 1.44x oversubscribed if only unsuccessful funds from the last round reapplied.

So, I won’t be surprised if my application is partially filled again.

$10,000 again?


Well, I will only be applying for $28,000 this time since I got $10,000 the last time.

If some of my money gets refunded, it might not be a bad thing as the final round of SSB in December could offer an even higher 10 year average yield.


Maybe, I should hedge. 

I should apply for $14,000 this time and apply for $14,000 in December.


Sounds like a plan to me. 

Good luck to us all.

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