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👉The Coming Inflation to Set Gold Prices on Fire !!

👉The Coming Inflation to Set Gold Prices on Fire !!

The value of all gold mined worldwide over all of human history: $12 trillion.
The value of fiat currencies doled out by governments in 2020 as an economic response to the pandemic: $12 trillion.
22% of all dollars in the M2 money supply were created since the pandemic started. Another stimulus package is about to be unleashed, and this number will go well over 30%. This is the most inflationary time in the history of humankind on a global basis as well as in the US.
The dollar is worth 1/25th of what it was a hundred years ago; and has lost 30% of its value since 2002, 10% of its value since the beginning of this year alone. The fiscal outlook for America is not good either. It may be going the wrong way now, but that’s a short term trend in a much larger long term picture based on fundamentals.
US debt set to exceed the size of the economy – the first time since World War 2.

The expected budget deficit of $3.3 trillion would be more than triple the shortfall recorded in 2019.
Is this not the best time to acquire physical gold and silver?
QE and the pandemic relief spending all the same result inflation.
We cannot keep printing new money at a rate faster than our economic growth without causing inflation. In the short term, it’s difficult to predict whether we are heading into a deflationary depression, wild inflation, or stagflation. But in the long term, printing vast amounts of new money in excess of economic growth will cause inflation — otherwise, we could just print new money whenever we needed without negative consequence. However, with debt levels so high at every level of the private and public sectors, inflation may be the only way to pay off that debt.
Inflation is terrible. It is a continuation of the mindless deficit spending by Congress for the past 14 years. Think Germany before the war. Raising interest rates will stress (blow up? ) the $250T plus bond markets that will blow up the banking system. Rising interest rates also discourage the creation of a new debt, which is necessary for servicing the existing debt in our credit-based economy. The central banks have backed themselves into a corner.
I would predict inflation for luxury penthouse suites, yachts, fine art, etc. as central bank printing presses will be filling the coffers of the 1%. This will not trickle down to the 99% where jobs will be scarce and cash in short supply, keeping inflation for the majority of goods firmly in control.
But we also see inflation in food and in the stock market because we have created so much money, and there is really no other place to park it. We should also fear massive inflation in the housing market, as interest rates are so low that house prices can be ratcheted up because monthly payments are lower. For some reason, our leadership can only envision constructing prosperity through a return to the status quo ante. That status quo ante consisted of running huge deficits by mounting pointless wars, extending a succession of tax breaks to those who do not need them, and periodically trying indiscriminately to prop up aggregate demand in some of the most roundabout ways imaginable (such as inflating the equity markets). And that status quo ante consisted of consuming more than Earth can provide while blowing through record amounts of fossil fuels, pursuing a chimera of prosperity while ensuring an Earth that is unliveable for ourselves and the creatures we should be sharing it with. Why not instead direct that spending to shore up the social safety net while supporting renewable energy and the creation of jobs? Why not fix our dilapidated infrastructure and direct incentives to industries that make things people really need? You could call it a “Green New Deal,” or if that is too scary, an “Investment in a Survivable Future.”

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You will find in the description box the links where you can buy American Silver Eagle, Silver Bars, or Rounds. I highly recommend that you start stacking some Silver Bullion for the future.

This is a slow roll, controlled economic demolition. During the course of it, deflation will balance out the money printing, by design.
When the economy finally finishes hitting rock bottom and flatlines for a while, that’s when the inflation starts going wild.

Inflation is an excess of currency; hyperinflation is the loss of confidence in the currency.
Oligarchs got 4-5 Trillion.
Peasants got less than 1 Trillion.
Oligarchs now cashed up at Zero interest to purchase everything at Great Depression collapse pricing. We’ve had around 6 or 7% inflation for decades now.
A can of tuna was $1 in 2015. It’s now $1.47 in 2020.
I see lots of inflation at the grocery store. They often hide it with smaller packaging.
Food inflation running 10-30%.

Restaurants raised prices by over 20%.
There has been enormous inflation for many years, but to keep the system going, the game has to be played. But it’s getting more desperate by the day, and something has to give. Soon, it either collapses, and the whole financial system goes down The Davos great reset.
Or they will be forced to accept reality by releasing pressure valves, even whilst still playing the official game which, will produce official inflation. And allow Gold to find its true price. Otherwise, it’s the Davos reset.

I don’t believe the average person will see inflation coming until the bow breaks. I believe the Bible clearly describes what will happen, that the world’s currency will fail overnight, in a single day. That when that day comes, it will take an entire day’s wage to earn enough money to buy a loaf of bread.
I believe the market will crash in a single hour, wealth will literally vanish instantly, and that the dollar will fall in a single day. The dollar is a trap, and the jaws of that trap will close on the world suddenly, not some long drawn out decline!
Enter the pandemic – a great excuse to print some more and to offer an explanation of why everything is falling apart.

The inflation we see in the real economy has been caused by the intentional destruction of the economy, and this has destroyed businesses, jobs, and whole supply chains creating shortages, especially in food, and this will get much worse as we move forward.

In the past two months, the price of gold has dropped from $2077 to $1877 an ounce. That’s a 10% correction during a time when arguably gold is experiencing its strongest fundamentals in modern history. Backdrop: record deficit Government spending and debt; record FED and Government stimulus – more stimulus and bailouts are coming, the pandemic not going away; US election mess; pending China trade war; rampant unemployment; destruction of US small businesses; massive real-estate foreclosures on the horizon; and more. Lots of reasons for gold to be going up. The only reason for gold dropping is market manipulation; however, every time gold is manipulated, it always ROARS back.
Gold is a smart hedge to a constantly depreciating dollar. Mining stocks that pay dividends are excellent plays, too, because they are leveraged to the price of gold. For instance, Yamana Gold pays 2%, and the stock is undervalued by any objective measure.

Gold just keeps hanging in here above the old record $1,900 price with the stimulus package about to hit the value of the dollar. The longer they wait for this package to go through, the worse things will get for Americans who have lost their jobs or small businesses.

Deferred loans to banks are now heading into foreclosure or will in January. At present, over two million foreclosures are imminent in January. The banks and government colluded to cause the last foreclosure crisis as Obama took office. Now, the same situation is about to unfold, with whoever wins the election getting slammed with a foreclosure crisis.

The only real winners in a foreclosure crisis are the banks that capture millions of homes and put them into their rental pools. The banks are, of course, made whole while those foreclosed upon losing everything.

Relative to gold,trillions will be printed and handed out as this unfolds; the dollar is being diluted and diluted and diluted. Savings held in cash or interest-bearing accounts are becoming liabilities as no interest is paid, and inflation eats their value away.

At least Yamana pays a 2% dividend that eclipses interest on savings held at banks or brokerages like Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, CITI, Goldman Sachs, or the others…

Don’t kid yourself; another period of insane volatility is about to hit us.
The devaluation of the dollar alone in the next month will put gold above $2000 just because the dollar is in free fall. That’s the problem with making evaluations about a burning forest when you are in the burning forest.
The fact is that while the bullion banks can print paper gold as much as they wish, the physical that underpins all this paper is increasingly scarce. Get OUT of the worthless GLD paper trash and buy physical Gold before it’s too late.
GREAT opportunity to unload worthless Paper Gold like GLD and to buy cheap physical Gold and Silver before they start running back higher again.

Buy all dips today—all the dips. The Cabal doesn’t want liquidated stock cash to go into gold. Buy gold cheap on their dime.
We are very close to the last time you will be able to buy gold cheap.
Gold is the most manipulated and hated by the controlling powers of capital led by the Government and their ilk, including JP Morgan and the others keeping the price down because they can do it with so much computer digits they’ve created and the control of it they yield. This does have a giant effect on the physical that comes to market, whether buying or selling, and the psychology of defeating those who believe Gold to have such intrinsic value in the shorter to medium term in particular. Bottom Line, The CRIMINALS are in Control.

Buy the dip. The major cabal banks, IMF, BIS, Fed, BOE, BOJ, and ECB, are giving up on the dollar and hoping the world will buy into their CBDC. It is their hope to hold control, but the world has had enough. Unless they can bribe enough of the political leaders of the non-gold bearing countries willing to throw their citizens into poverty, they will have to default to hold. Markets don’t move in such dramatic swings frequently unless it’s manipulated. Gold is the Cabals’ biggest thorn. Keep dumping currency and buy gold unless you think the Cabal should remain in control and continue to dilute your wealth. Buy gold and hold.

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MAKE SURE YOU GET PHYSICAL SILVER IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION. Don’t Buy SLV, or Futures or Pooled Accounts or any other BS paper silver product .Remember anything on paper is worth the paper it is written on. Go Long Stay long the bull market have even started yet

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